Chrome Patches for TestComplete 10 - Installation Notes

The patch is a .zip archive that contains several files. These files provide support for Chrome version 42.
Support for this version was not included in TestComplete version 10.60.3387 and it is provided as a patch now.

Archive Structure

The archive includes the following files and folders:

Installing the Patch

To install the patch, follow these steps:

  1. Unpack the files from the archive to a temporary folder.

  2. Important: Close TestComplete if it is running, and close Chrome if it is running.

  3. Create a backup copy of the files mentioned in the Archive Structure section.

    To back up the files, copy the original files from the <TestComplete 10> folder to another folder.

  4. Replace the files in subfolders of the <TestComplete 10> folder with the new files from the temporary folder.

Enabling the TestComplete Chrome Extension

If You Use Earlier Patches …

The present patch is cumulative. It contains features that were available in earlier TestComplete patches for Chrome.

You can install the patch over earlier patches (you can simply overwrite the files). The functionality provided by the earlier patch installed on your computer will still be available.

Restoring Chrome Support Modules

To restore the Chrome modules that are provided by the original TestComplete installation, re-install TestComplete or replace the copied files with their backup copies.

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